"The Meeting"
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Webisodes 1 and 2 Completed, 3 and 4 Coming Soon!

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The web series continues where the feature film left off. Each webisode deals with a new guest speaker who 'helps' these wannabe screenwriters get ahead in the industry, always with hilarious results. In 'Webisode I: A Prairie Homeless Companion', we are introduced to Tiberius T. Icenogle (Jack Brenner), who recently became homeless. In 'Webisode II: A Savage Meeting', we meet Angela Savage (Dyanne Mercante), a prominent porn star. In 'Webisode III - A Not So Funny Meeting', we meet Daisy the Clown (Arthur Craig), a clown with a frown. In 'Webisode IV - Meeting Clapit', we meet Naomi (Mary Tamashiro) and Mack (Maurice Mack), two Clapit wannabe winners.

The Meeting . . . if you want to see a truly heart-felt film about hope, ambition and the struggle to achieve - call Netflix. Based upon an original script by Julianne Carlile. A Starrunner, LLC Production.

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