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Webisode I
A Prairie Homeless Companion

The screenwriters (wannabes).

Tiberius T. Icenogle (Jack Brenner).

Mark and Kim bewildered.

Cork Lady.

Knitting Lady.

"I have one!"

Mark is disgusted.

Icenogle (Jack Brenner) takes the stage.

George (Howard Nash) is very enthusiastic.

"Just Write"

Kim confronts Icenogle.

Webisode II
A Savage Meeting

Welcome back!

George (Howard Nash) hosts the meeting again.

"Help me out Jose!"


New occupation for Icenogle (Jack Brenner).

"You owe me five bucks."

Sleeping Man.

A graceful entrance.

It's Angela Savage (Dyanne Mercante)!

"I'm listening."

An excited audience.


Mark (Mickey Ryan) is bewildered.

Kim (Robert Harrington) is happy.

No more clapping.


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