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The Meeting is an avant-garde look at a group of wannabe screenwriters who meet once a week to discuss what they aren't doing. In our pilot special, the president of the group (Howard Nash) abdicates his responsibilities when he begins hitting on the group’s newest member, Sylvia (Shay Gines). Tension ensues when his wife, Faye (Ellen Reilly), suddenly realizes he has brought home a new love interest to (a) meet the children and (b) set her up in the family’s guest room.

It’s a whole new look at family values.

Our show’s premise faithfully meets a “real life” comedy writer’s dream, because almost every character in The Meeting happens to be a writer.

Webisodes continue with a sharpened, comical focus on either a guest speaker, new recruit, or a member’s current problem. Stories will vary and be (for the most part), politically incorrect as key characters get further developed during each show. While the backdrop is a voluntary “class” that teaches members how to write “professionally” for the screen, our characters cannot help but become involved in devolving nonsense that has little or nothing to do with learning how to write.

Planned guest appearances include "name" actors with whom the producers have a working relationship.

The Meeting . . . if you want to see a truly heart-felt film about hope, ambition and the struggle to achieve - call Netflix. Based upon an original script by Julianne Carlile. A Starrunner, LLC Production.

Contact: Howard Nash - cinemade@aol.com / (917) 414-6332
IMDb Link (Feature Film): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0361899
Facebook Site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Meeting/100125190054212?ref=hl

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